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Why Choose Airways Cleaning & Fireproofing Company?


1. We provide effective products and services. We research, develop, produce, market, and distribute products and services which produce desired the results.

2. We serve our clients. Our clients are valued friends, and we strive to contract and build strong long term relationships. We will deliver to our clients what they seek, effectively and efficiently. We will strive always to deliver more than we promise.

3. We produce quality. In both the work place and the marketplace, we provide quality services and products. We strive for excellence and take pride in daily tasks. We will not sacrifice or jeopardize long-term reputation, integrity, and viability on the altar of short-term benefit.

4. We are responsive. We seek and welcome meaningful change. Renewal is the essence of survival. By understanding our business and by becoming sensitive to our clients needs, we position ourselves in an ever-changing marketplace. We strive to create an environment where creativity flourishes. We need innovation and improvement.

5. We believe in synergy. We practice teamwork and continually strive for a harmonious blending of employee, associate, and customer talents and suggestions. No member of our team is primary. The contribution of every member is necessary. Each employee, customer, and associate has a unique contribution to make to our team; we value our differences. We enjoy our interdependence and we recognize that we are stronger because of it.

6. We practice lasting principles and expect lasting results. We search for, live by, and teach practice principles. Our products and services are based on correct principles that produce positive results. The highest benefits come when true principles are internalized. We subscribe to the principle, "Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you" .

7. We are proactive. We are in control. We plan our course. We have clearly defined plans to accomplish our goals. We believe in strategic patience, not crisis management. Slow, careful foundation work is always fastest in the end. We rehearse and share our plans. We avoid needless risk by attending to detail and through open communication with our employees and clients.

8. We wisely manage corporate resources. As a corporation and as individuals, we recognize our stewardship and sense the necessity of using our resources and our material assets wisely, to fulfill the company mission.

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