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Cleaning Specifications

Exhaust system cleaning shall include interior of all accessible exhaust system ductwork and interior of exhaust removal blowers as accessible. Issues of exhaust system access must be brought to the owner's/facility manager's attention.

Before After
Horizontal Airduct Before Airways Cleaning Horizontal Airduct Before Airways Cleaning

Cleaning shall be performed by IKECA certified companies making every attempt to comply with OSHA Standards and using trained technicians to provide positive cleaning to achieve the removal of deposited cooking by-product from the interior of the exhaust system.

Exhaust Before Airways Cleaning Exhaust After Airways Cleaning

Positive cleaning methods shall include but not be limited to the following processes or a combination thereof:
» Manual removal of solidified, semi-solidified or liquid cooking by-product.
» Low pressure application of USDA or facility approved detergents.
» Wash/rinse processes utilizing high pressure hot water cleaning.
» Wash/rinse processes utilizing saturated steam cleaning.

At the close of cleaning operations exhaust blowers shall be restarted, all access doors utilized during cleaning shall be replaced and fastened, dampers positioned for proper exhaust airflow and electrical switches and system components returned to operable state.

Fryer Before Airways Cleaning Fryer After Airways Cleaning

Resultant effluent generated during the cleaning operations will be properly cleaned up, job generated debris shall be placed into the appropriate job site refuse container, and the kitchen facilities left ready for use by the kitchen staff.

Stove Before Airways Cleaning Stove After Airways Cleaning

Certificates indicating the date of cleaning, the name of the firm providing service and areas not cleaned shall be provided for each cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system. All services shall be performed in a workman like manner and shall comply with applicable standards as set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA).

Vertical Duct Before Airways Cleaning Vertical Duct After Airways Cleaning
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